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Brampton, ON


*registration is required for all classes

Brass Belles Signature fitness classes are open to all levels. All classes have a specialized theme and specific focus. All signature classes are included in the membership program. Class passes are available at a reduced, per class rate.


Increase your strength, core stability and flexibility with the dynamic movements and principals of Yoga and Pilates combined.

This class will also add its own flair by incorporating some fun floor inversions, balance and strength moves for all levels. Come and take the athletic challenge your body will thank you for!


Improve the strength & flexibility in your spine, hips and shoulders, for increased mobility and range of motion.

Forward bends, back bends, bridges and more! A contortion-level of movement will be available to advanced students.


In our most popular class, be prepared to bring it with intense, body isolating movement designed to lift, sculpt and tone your legs, butt and abs. If you love a good burn and endorphin rush, this class is for you. Blast your abs, hips, thighs and butt for a sculpted dancer's body!


With an emphasis on showmanship and performance art, we break down classic and modern Burlesque dance moves and incorporate them into a mini routine.
Each week we focus on Burlesque dance elements, including props, floor work and choreography to help develop coordination, poise, and a cheeky personality!


In this Burlesque inspired class, stretch, sculpt and tone your body with nothing more than a chair and a bit of cheek. Starting with a fun and flirtatious dance warm-up, prepare for an intense abdominal and leg workout with a focus on poise, co-ordination, balance, and swagger!


Challenge and develop your core with the use of a stability ball and a series of ab blasting and balance conditioning moves used by circus performers. Targeting your core, back, glutes and arms, you will experience a full-body workout in this high intensity class that you'll be feeling the next day!


Whittle your middle as you learn the fundamentals of hula hooping. Using custom made adult-sized hula hoops, master fluid motion and isolation techniques to create clean and graceful movement as you dance with your hoop! All levels welcome.


In this low impact class we focus on body awareness, flexibility and strength. Heighten your sensuality as you learn to roll, crawl, writhe and floor dance, all the while, building lean muscle, toning troubled spots and increasing your flexibility. With an emphasis on arm, core and leg conditioning through slow, sexy body isolations.


With gymnastic, dance and yoga inspired stretches, this class is designed to lengthen, relax and condition your body for long, lean muscles. With a series of long, deep stretches, focusing on the hips, lower back and hamstrings, you will notice your flexibility increase by the end of your first hour.